Can we catch you out with these quirky Glasgow facts?

As we do spend all our time driving around the city, becoming acquainted with its residents, we thought why not share some fun trivia to test your knowledge of this dear green place.

1. Now that it’s February and retailers are bombarding us with wall to wall love heart clutching teddy’s, chocolates and flowers in the run upto Valentine’s Day we thought this wee nugget of knowledge might surprize you. The remains of St Valentine are in the Gorbals. Sent to the city in 1868 his bones can be found in Blessed St John Duns Scotus.

Horseshoe Bar Glasgow
The Horseshoe Bar

2. Behaved yourself for the whole of Dry January but are glad it’s over now? This one is for you. The Guinness world record for longest bar in the UK is held by the Horse Shoe Bar in Drury Lane, at an impressive 104 feet and 3 inches. And it’s just one call to City Cars away.

3. It’s no secret Glasgow has an impressive portfolio of architecture to enjoy but did you know that the famous dome on the Mitchell Library wasn’t included in the original plans only added later at the suggestion of a City Councillor.

Malmaison Hotel Glasgow
Malmaison Hotel

4. While St Judes and Malmaison are now both known for their hospitality Malmaison, located just off Blythswood Square, was once St Judes; a Greek Orthodox Church designed by architect John Stephen in 1838. It’s been a Malmaison since 1994.

5. It’s hardly surprising given how football mad Glasgow still is that first international association football game was played in Glasgow in 1872 at the West of Scotland Cricket ground and was between Scotland and England. The match ended in a 0-0 draw.

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